Sunday Mayhem Radio Show

Words are power, Music is the weapon...

The Sunday Mayhem Radio Show is an independently produced radio show and Podcast based out of the St Louis Market.

Powered by The Fixx Music Company LLC and produced by Mayhem Underground Productions, this weekly produced show features the voices of Mayhem Man (,, Mad Mike (new scene news,, and The Beard (The Beard Productions, Firebird STL)

A combination of goofy news commentary, pop culture references, nerdizm, and independent music, The Sunday Mayhem Radio Show is wildly entertaining. The playlist incorporates a vast range musical styles all grounded in rock. This flexibility in the programing allows for a more interesting audio experience to the listener and a wide audience exposure to the bands. Along with a unique playlist the Sunday Mayhem Radio Show has skits and bits to make everybody laugh.

Sunday Mayhem Radio Show

Playlist Dec 20 2015

December 19, 2015

This weeks playlist brought to you by

Mikeys Pour House

Indie Authority

Awaken Your Music

Conquer as They Come - Echo, Hollow Point Heroes - The Picture, Nervfous Pudding - Sugar and Salt, Made in Wave Rigamorle, Silent Hallow - The Fall, Liquor Store Bandits - Heated Up, Discrepancies - Get Hype, Sky Burnt White - Afterglow, Off the Witness - Eye of Wisdom, Bare Kuckle Conflict - Leech Hung Like a Martyr - Bent, Make Me Break Me - Mexicutoner, Exit 714 - Fake This, Zach Almany - Trial by Nature

Thanks Everybody for supporting local music!




Playlist Dec 13 2015

December 12, 2015


This weeks playlist brought to you by

Mikey's Pour House

Silent Hollow - Connection Lost

Hallow Point - Abandoned

Discrepancies - Get Hype

Liquor Store Bandits & Paleface Junkies - Heated Up

Sky Burnt White - Afterglow

Nervous Pudding - Sugar and Salt

Conquer as They Come - Spine Knife

Bound to Break - Strength of Music

First Class Trash - Frozen

Hollow Point Heroes - The Picture

Divide The Empire - Don't Know Anything

Mercury Descends - Return to Central Cognition




Playlist Nov 1 2015

November 1, 2015

Hello Everyone! This Weeks Playlist Sponsored by:

Mikeys Pour House

Silent Hollow - The Fall

Through the Scope - From Below

Divide the Empire - Weight

Made in Waves - Rigmorle

Hollow Point Heroes​ - From the Inside

Conquer as they Come - Echo

Addicted - Addiction

Rebel Train - Are we There

Seance - Enemy

One Day - Friction

Off the Witness - Eye of Wisdom

First Class Trash - Frozen

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#WhatsNewAYMN #FixxFam

Thanks To all the Bands and everyone supporting local music!